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Teams - Round 1 12/10/2019 Vs Wests
Date of Event Newcastle City Cricket Club: Wed Oct 9, 2019 7:36AM

1sts @ Harker 12pm 2nds @ Learmonth 12pm 3rds @ Ford 12:30pm 4ths @ Num. 5 12:30pm
Jonty Major © Bryce Garrett © Tom Anderson © Troy Arnold ©
Callan Fowler Rory Kalnins Lyle McGuigan © Jock Carter
Mitchell Nesbit (wk) Dave Smith Clare Webber Andrew McTaggart
Jesse Major Jake Hainsworth (wk) Maddie McGuigan Brad O'Dell
Joe Curk Mitch King Michael Wilkinson Tom Fulmer (wk)
Tim Rogers Elijah Smith Harrison Allomes Grant Case
Sam O'Sullivan Frankie Walsh Regan Birks Oliver Moran
Angus McTaggart Matthew White Alex Sylow Andrew Freeman
Liam Case Mitch Gray Millie Riley (wk) Ben Beck
Jay Garrett Quinn Fowler Mike Renkert Liam Smyth
Cooper Southam Wayne Nichols Anika Learoyd Pat Kelly


Note teams are subject to late change. Any issues, please contact your captain.

Last updated: Wednesday October 9, 2019 7:52AM